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      Our late client, Mr. Gordon Chetwyndehe pronounced the name as if it produced a pleasant flavor in his mouthbecame a widower soon after his marriage, and was left with an only daughteran extremely touching position, Mr. Howard.

      The country at last!Trafford could bear no more. He rose and staggered out of the hut and leaned against the wall, with his face upon his arm.

      Ive read about lords somewhere, she remarked. But I always thought they wore long robes trimmed with fur, and had a kind of crown on their heads.He started and gazed at her with wild eyes.

      Where did you get it? Is it a boy or a girl? How old is it? Can it walk? Can it talk? Whats the color of its eyes? Just take it out of that darned old bag and lets have a look at it!

      I have been hearing a great deal about you, Miss Chetwynde, she said.


      Yes, I think I know, said Lady Wyndover. And I think wed better go down to Madame Cerise at once. We might go this afternoon; that is, if you are not tired. Perhaps youd like to go and lie down for a little while.


      Do! said the young fellow. Therell be a fearful crush, for Miss Chetwynde will be a great attraction; but I dare say we can fight our way in.


      They met, for the first time, after the announcement of his engagement to Esmeralda, at a dance at the Countess of Blankyres.